We Operate United

PIMSCRAP is now part of United Scrap Metal. Established in 1978, United Scrap Metal has grown from $200 and a rental truck to one of the largest full-service recyclers in the country. United Scrap Metal operates in 8 locations in 7 states.

United Scrap Metal Florida offers recycling solutions guided by decades of experience and a firm commitment to doing the right thing. We are passionate about making a positive difference for our customers, consumers, and communities.

We have 2 locations in Florida to serve you.

We are invested in our communities with our hearts and our hands.

We buy useless or obsolete items made of metal, like old silverware, pots and pans, grills, lawnmowers, old sinks, and power tools. Anything made of metal. No load is too small, but for your convenience, we encourage you to collect your recyclables until you have a carload or trailer-load, and then bring it to us in exchange for cash.

We understand that time has great value. So, to help you maximize yours, we offer a wide variety of services:

We are a Full-Service Facility: We have personnel, cranes, forklifts, and front loaders to assist our customers in off-loading of their scrap materials at our facility. We have state certified scales including a truck scale for your convenience.

We also provide On-Demand Services: We offer timely flatbed truck services for bulky items, like used heavy equipment, rooftop cooling units, or any other oversized items. We have roll-off container delivery for building demolition and renovations or other similar situations.

Finally, we offer container Services which include well-maintained roll-off containers, implants of various sizes and even custom-made bins. We also have a line of secure containers for outside storage and expensive alloys.

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