Quality, Environmental,
Health and Safety Policy

United Scrap Metal is committed to following the RIOS, ISO 14001:2015 and GBAC STAR requirements and maintaining conformance of our QEH&S management system in each location.

United Scrap Metal operations are dedicated to green sustainability resulting in a positive impact on our environment. Our processing of both metal and non-metallic commodities conserves natural resources while reducing waste stream volume. Consistent with these operations and outputs, our overall goal is accomplishing business objectives while exceeding the QEH&S expectations of all interested parties.

We will continually improve systems and operating platforms while striving to minimize adverse impacts on the environment throughout our operations.

In order to achieve the above statement of our QEH&S and overall objectives, United Scrap Metal is committed to the following:

Ensuring that these policies are appropriate to our operations and its potential environmental impacts. Also, the health and safety risks of United Scrap Metal’s activities, products and services;

Commitment to fully comply with all relevant QEH&S legal and stakeholder requirements, compliance obligations, industry guidelines and any other QEH&S commitments made by United Scrap Metal;

Striving for continuous improvement to enhance QEH&S performance;

Preventing workplace injuries and illness;

Providing the framework for setting and reviewing QEH&S goals. Each are established and compatible with the strategic direction of United Scrap Metal;

Demonstrating to United Scrap Metal’s senior leadership a commitment to increasing customer satisfaction;

Preventing pollution and protecting the environment;

Minimizing and controlling risks associated with infectious disease outbreaks and potential exposures in relation to customers, clients, team members, the community and the environment.

Ensuring that this system and policies are communicated to and furthermore understood by all persons working for or on behalf of United Scrap Metal;

Making the QEH&S policy available to the public, suppliers, customers, contractors, and other stakeholders, interested parties; and

Ensuring that this QEH&S policy is reviewed and amended. This will be done as necessary and appropriate.

We recognize that the responsibilities for protection of the environment, workforce health and safety are shared. This requires cooperation between our team members and all respective stakeholders. United Scrap Metal will continue to improve our QEH&S performance. This includes setting goals, taking into consideration our business, financial, operational, and legal requirements as well as the views of interested parties. This endeavor is aligned with our mission of making a positive impact in the lives of others.